Audacity 3.4.2 Navigate to/within next/previous label to edit it

Navigating to labels and placing the cursor within the label used to be performed by Tab and Shift+Tab but for years now these commands do not work and no such function is available. A few previous posts about this problem have been posted over the years but no solution or explanation has been mentioned. For me, not having this function makes Audacity an annoying burden. I use labels to section off songs into measures and then I type the associated chord name into the label or type in other kinds of information. Doing so without the previous Tab function is extraordinarily laborious. Please, for heaven’s sake, bring back the function to navigate to a label and place the cursor within it.

I filed a regression bug for this on Muse’s GitHub at the beginning of December:

** When editing a label you can no longer tab to the next label for editing #5737 **


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