Audacity 3.4.1 keeps crashing on MacOS Sonoma

I run MacOS Sonoma and have updated to 3.4.1 but Audacity keeps crashing when I try to open existing files (they are all aup3 files). Every time I sent a report. And when I reopen the program it show the crashed file in the pop-up. But the bottom line remains the same: Audacity crashes. What can I do to do a complete delete of the program and a new installation? Please advise me because I need the program for my podcast show…

This should be fixed in 3.4.2 - If you want to, you can try using this alpha: Zero clips in stereo track crash fix · audacity/audacity@1d5dea1 · GitHub (audacity-macos-…universal probably is the version you want to try). Note that a Github account is required to download these files.

Although I did not know what to do and if I should do that: i did after creating a GitHub account… But Apple warned me bout the software. After that I was asked if Wrapper (???) could use my microphone. Hell no. I still got a failure in Audacity… Any other suggestion?

Having this issue as well. I have three radio shows to produce this week.

I succeeded in throwing it all away (not only the app but other files as well) and installed an older version. It worked, but there is still some nasty bug somewhere which causes an error. But at least I can access the program and work with it… But maybe it’s time to look for another piece of software…

3.4.2 just got released! It should be fixed now.

I am afraid to do the upgrade right now… I will wait until I have done the necessary production things…

aye. It’s always a good idea to not switch version while you’re working on a project.

From my side, I 've just back to 3.3.3

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