Audacity 3.3.2: Import audio does not seem to be working. Help!

Normally, as I edit my live classical music radio show, I insert small, 20-second clips of the show’s theme music between other compositions I’ve aired that day. To do that, I typically insert a certain number of seconds of silence, then go to ‘Import Audio’ and select a file from the folder it has ALWAYS gone to. Now, I insert the required seconds of silence but when I select “import audio”, absolutely nothing happens. It does not direct me to search for the appropriate folder. ALSO, when I try to export audio, nothing happens. Can you please help? Thanks. This has only begun with the recent download of 3.3.2 on my MacBook Pro (Monterrey 12.6.2).

I agree. It sounds like something is not quite right. If this happened to me, I would check that there is plenty of available storage, reboot the Mac, and redownload Audacity from here: Audacity ® | Downloads

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