audacity 3.2...dumb question...

I just installed it but the tools are squashed together…how do I expend these?

Reset toolbars ? … View Menu: Toolbars - Audacity Manual

Or drag them to where you want them … Customizing Toolbar Layout - Audacity Manual

OK thanks but I think I’m still needing help…that resizing vertical thing on the right of a toolbar…it’s not there for the bank of buttons (Zoom, Time Shift TOol, Multi Tool)…i can’t stretch these 3 out…they are squashed.

The developers are making some changes to the way Audacity operates. Currently they have removed 2 of the original 6 buttons: The time shift tool and the Zoom tool.

Time shift is now accomplished by grabbing the horizontal bar at the top of a clip and moving the clip left or right and in some cases up or down)

can you post a picture of what you’re talking about?