Audacity 3.2.5 "Generate" behaviour has changed

Audacity “Generate” plugin behaviour has changed in 3.2.5. It now has default time format stuck at hh:mm:ss.hundredths. It does not retain the setting last used, which was the behaviour in previous versions. Instead, it now requires the format to be selected afresh every time.

To select the format without a mouse, I can use the App key on the Windows keyboard, or the Ctrl-Shift-F10 combination.

As I need to generate silence to millisecond precision several times in a session, this new behaviour is exasperating.

Can the default be unstuck to allow last-used format to be used each time?

For me it’s defaulting to hh:mm:ss + milliseconds in built-in generators.
[Update: My mistake, I was using Audacity 3.2.4. Audacity 3.2.5 does indeed default to hh:mm:ss + hundredths.]

In older versions of Audacity, the default time format in generators follows the time units in the “Selection Toolbar

For me on W11 3.2.5 defaults to hh:mm:ss + hundredths - this is a (regression) change on 3.2.4 and eralier where from 1.3.0 onwards the time format in the Selection toolbra has always been hh:mm:ss + milliseconds - AFAICT this change is not documented anywhere, especially in the 3.2.5 Release Notes - and I can perceive no real reason or benefit for this change.

I have logged this on Muse’s GitHub

Default time format in Selection toolbar changed to hh:mm:ss + hundredths #4408Default time format in Selection toolbar changed to hh:mm:ss + hundredths · Issue #4408 · audacity/audacity · GitHub

I will later investigate the Generate behavior noted by the OP @mitch_park to ascertain if this is indeed a regression and if so I will also log this.


For me testing on W11 with various older versions of Audacity back to 2.0.0

a) Generators have never taken their default time format from the Selection toolbar format - it’s always defaulted to hh:mm:ss + milliseconds regardless of what the setting was changed to in the Selection toolbar.

b) Generators have never rememeberd and re-used the prviously use time format setting from last-use, it’s always been hh:mm:ss + milliseconds

c) BUT the default fromat for Generators has now also changed in 3,2,5 to be hh:mm:ss + hundredths

So I do not see the issue that OP @mitch_park desribes in the initial post in this thread.


Now that I’m testing the correct version :blush: I’m also seeing that.
Also, the Selection Toolbar default has changed to hh:mm:ss + hundredth.

It looks like a regression to me.
At least the units in the Selection Toolbar are remembered by Audacity even though built-in effects fail to follow it.

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