Audacity 3.2.3 (Debian 10 Official AppImage) does not detect line in audio input from Sound Blaster X4

Connected Sound Blaster X4 to USB-C, my Chromebook detects 3 different outputs with Sound Blaster in the name and only a Microphone input. I tried the Mic input, opened Audacity but could not find Sound Blaster X4 as a recording device in there either (or is VirtIO Sound Card correct?). I tried plugging and unplugging the Sound Blaster as well as my line in device (keyboard), going into developer mode and opening alsamixer to check if the Sound Blaster inputs were detected, and there is an AUX channel listed at 70% volume with capture on. Is this solely a Chromebook/Sound Blaster issue or do I select a specific recording device option (there are a lot of them and none of them named Sound Blaster)?

Audacity does not officially support Chromebook, though I recall someone on the forum saying that Audacity 2.4.2 worked for them.