Audacity 3.2.1 Copy-Paste-Cut Icon buttons

I just update to Audacity 3.2.1 in my window 10 computer, the interface looks so nice and clean, but there is not longer cut / paste / copy icons in the edit toolbar, I try unsuccesfully to enable them in the configuration menu, but I fail to find any option to install them. There is a way to configure them to be show in the edit tool bar as the previous versions

No. They have been permanently removed.
Cut / Copy / Paste are now available by right clicking on the track, or from the Edit menu.

Yes, another ‘improvement’ with no valid reason WHY!

Ok, I switched back to Audacity 3.1 and got my “CUT” icon back. This is like micro-soft changing their scroll bar actions only because the programmer wanted to justify his/her position in the company.

At least Microsoft, thankfully, still have Cut/Paste/Copy buttons in Excel and Word :nerd: