(Audacity 3.2.0) Please Bring Back Cut, Copy, & Paste Buttons

I had an operation on my hand recently so have been working one-handed. I also habitually use the * cursor for editing and the scissors to cut.

  • Right click does not work with the * cursor - it zooms.
  • Going to the menu is really cludgy but my main option
  • Letting go of the mouse to hit a key or key combination is very very clumsy especially as it is my left hand out of action.

This is a retrograde step that does not cater for people who literally cannot use the key combinations, or who want to edit one handed with their chin in their hand (my usual form when not handicapped).

I think this is a retrograde step and I have to consider downgrading, which is ridiculous.

I do note that Microsoft in their Office products still retain cut/copy/paste buttons (and in a very prominent position) - and I’m pretty sure that not all of their users are "“fairly novice users” :nerd:

Excel for example
MS Excel.png
And Word
MS Word.png

I disagree with the idea that novice users are the only folks who don’t like hidden items. With the removal of Cut/Copy/Paste from the toolbar, workflow is slowed by the need for extra clicks and keyboard work. Audacity is a great audio editing program, so removing quick access to frequently used items is definitely a step backwards. A cleaner GUI is nice but not at the expense of undermining workflow. Maybe someone will create a plug-in to restore the features.

Unfortunately this is not something that can be done with a plug-in. If you really need these buttons, then I think the only way is to go back to an older version of Audacity (old versions are available here: https://www.fosshub.com/Audacity-old.html)

Good news …

you may see these buttons coming back in a brand new toolbar which will be hidden by default but easily made visible through the View>Toolbars menu.

I manged to persuade Martin Keary (aka Tantacrul) from Muse that this was an important requirement for some folk - so he reopened the Enhancement Request for this that I posted
Restore the Cut, Copy and Paste buttons as a new (hidden by default) toolbar #3693

This is unlikely to be in any of the upcoming 3.2.x maintenance releases, but could well be on the cards for 3.3


This is great news. I really hope it comes back.

It looks like these three buttons may be coming back as a new toolbar in the upcoming 3.2.3 release. I have just been testing the latest beta test build with this new toolbar.

It is hidden by default, but easy to reveal in the upper tooldock.

It’s possible that in 3.3.0 there may even be a Delete button added to the toolbar, as some users have requested.


And they’re back! in 3.2.3 which was just released:
Note that you will need to enable them with View > Toolbars > Cut/Copy/Paste Toolbar.

Thank you Peter.

Registered specifically to say THANK YOU!! to everyone who contributed to bringing this functionality back.
I’ve been using Audacity for many years. At least a decade. Remember back when it was “ugly”? The UI is so pretty now… Anyhow, I use Audacity all the time to edit the audio of my YouTube shows and podcasts. I had one of those mile long plugin dropdown lists. And the removal of the trimming buttons baffled me.

Do I have keyboard shortcuts? Of course I do. I’m a mechanical keyboard junkie. Could I hit Delete to cut after highlighting? Sure. But just like with programming, every move to or away from the keyboard or mouse costs you time. And I don’t know how many times after highlighting I’d sit there “duh” in this weird half-second brain pause mode, staring at the screen looking for the cut button–even after I knew it was gone! Thanks again and it is great to have this optional button set back.

Thanks Jason,

you may be pleased to know that Muse have added the requested Delete button to that toolbar for the upcoming 3.3.0 release.

I’ve tested it and it works fine - and makes the toolbar look much better, properly complete.

I would like to lend my voice to the return of CUT/COPY/PASTE and ZOOM IN/OUT and UNDO/REDO to a toolbar as an option.
I have read the discussion that keyboard shortcuts exist for these functions so it is not needed on the toolbar.
Plus that only novice or inexperienced users have a need for these items.

Being a power user of Photoshop, Premier, and other editing software for many years, I have not used keyboard shortcuts in any of these programs over the years I have used them. I have gotten used to having the toolbar driven shortcuts.

In my case, these editing items missing on the toolbar greatly impedes my workflow when doing complex editing for my NPR radio show (ART ON THE AIR).
When I downloaded version 3.2 and discovered these items were no longer available on the toolbar, so I reinstalled my 3.1.2 version.

I think Audacity is an awesome editor that is comparable to Audition and other editors and as a result is often used in professional editing suites.
The constant improvements to the program over the years have greatly increased its utility.

Please, strongly consider having this tool bar as a option in future updates of Audacity.
I am certain there are many users that feel strongly about

CUT/COPY/PASTE came back as a new toolbar all of it’s own for 3.2.3 and is in 3.2.4 - it is off (not shown) by default. To turn it on just use View > Toolbars and click on Cut/Copy/Paste

For the up-coming 3.3.0 a 4th button has been added - a Delete button.

Undo/Redo are still there as are the zoom buttons - they have not been removed. The Zoom tool has however been removed from the Tools Toolbar
Upper Tooldock.png

I upgraded from 2.4.2 from 2020 (exe dated June 19, 2020) on Windows because the “Plot Spectrum” feature would sometimes get confused after using an effect like “Filter Curve”. It would show the spectrum from before the effect. Or after it, if undo is used. I’m happy to report that this problem is gone in the latest version :slight_smile:

But then the negatives hit:
Zoom Tool is gone, I use this a lot
Marking selection of samples doesn’t mark on the waveform of the low volume samples - it does above and below it. This is the area I need the most precision.

I gave it a few days and tried to get used to the new ways…
I love this software, but for me it makes more sense to stick with the old version. The “Plot Spectrum” bug is easier to deal with.

The developers are whittling away in an effort to remove the old Tool Bar. They want to reduce clutter on the toolbar and eliminate a source of confusion where a user inadvertently clicked on one of those tools, entering tool mode, and cannot figure out how to get back.

The old Zoom Tool can be replaced by Zoom-In (Ctrl+1) and Zoom-Out (Ctrl+2) and marking a selection and (Ctrl+E) = “Fit Selection to Width”. If you need the selection bars to extend to adjacent tracks, you can drag your cursor and through them.

Also note you can fine tune the end points of a selection with (Ctrl+) Shift+ Left/Right arrow.

Good luck.