Audacity 3.2.0 Not responding

Good Afternoon,
I have been using Audacity for years and have had no problems until today. For some reason within the last 30 minutes, when I go to edit a file it stops responding. I have restarted my PC, uninstalled and re-installed Audacity and it is still freezing. Please help! :slight_smile:
Thank you so much!


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Similar experience here. I updated to 3.2.0 on Win11 just this weekend, and it seemed to run great for an hour or so, but now almost any command (silence, delete, cut, paste, label creation, etc.) will freeze the app for several seconds (3-15 seconds, rougly) before allowing me to continue.

I am editing for a podcast and only have three 1-hour tracks and a label track, but this happens consistently and is slowing me down, as you might imagine.

Also, saving which used to be instantaneous (and something I do often out of habit) can freeze the app for upward of 30 seconds.

I’m thinking I’ll have to downgrade for now until this is sorted out.

I see my previous reply still awaiting approval so I couldn’t edit.

FOLLOW-UP: I exported each track as a WAV and re-created my project. Things now seem to be behaving normally and very snappy & responsive. I’m guessing this might be somehow related to clip implementation? I initially had a bunch of clips being generated every time I made a copy/paste, so I then joined up all the clips back into cohesive tracks. My problems started shortly thereafter.

If anyone in Audacity dev would like access to my questionable aup3 file, I can provide on request.

What on earth is going on? This is a complete failure!
The moment I press record, I can’t hear a thing. I plug my headphones in as usual, on my Blue Yeti… And usually I can hear what I am recording. Nope, since I’ve updated this the second I press record, it goes silent! Please can somebody help me out! I have tried absolutely everything but I’m worried I’ll mess myself up further as I am trying so many options I don’t know what I’m changing right now! Argh, why is this such a failure! Bring back the old system!!! PLEASE help, I now can not record for my YouTube channel!

Me too. Audacity 3.2.0, MacBook Pro M1 2020 running Monterey 12.6.
Audacity “Audio Setup” Playback device is set to Yeti. I do hear playback via headphones plugged into Yeti
BUT not while recording, that is, I can hear other tracks that I may be speaking over, but not my voice.

On one of my stations Audacity’s known as the ‘Not Responding’ app for the frequency it goes into a wait state (or the wide blue yonder) on the simplest tasks.

I got it to happen on my AMD system but not my old Intel box. If you hold the spacebar down too long, you will go into Not responding. On my Intel box it seems to go a little crazy as it processes what is probably a ton of play/pause operations, but it will start responding again. My AMD system will never respond again, and I have to kill the app.