Audacity 3.2.0 mix and render creates empty track

I just updated to Audacity 3.2.0 on macOS Monterey. Now I am facing a problem I have never had with this sw, when selecting all the tracks and mix and render to a new track, the new track is empty. Volume levels are ok on the selected tracks, but I cannot figure out what can be wrong. Is there a new “thing” I have to do before rendering to a stereo track so that it applies the audio?

Works for me on macOS 11.6.

Make sure your tracks are not muted and that the track volumes are not at zero.

– Bill

Yep, tracks not muted, volume levels ok. Been using Audacity since 2007, first time I face this problem.

Ok, I disabled one VST plugin (Bleass reverb) on one track and all ok. So there is something needed to be done to be able to render multiple tracks to one track, when VST is used.

I can’t reproduce this on W10 with 3.2.0 using the one VST effect that I have which is iZotope Vinyl - the mix works fine for me.