Audacity 3.1.3 Dumps on First Startup in Win 10


I’m running Win 10 Home and have Audacity 3.1.3. After a fresh boot of the computer when I start Audacity, it dumps with the following dialog box:

I do send the error to Audacity and then when I start Audacity again, I get the following dialog box:

After discarding the recoverable project, audacity runs fine even if I exit and restart Audacity.

It only seems to be a problem after a fresh boot of the computer and it seems to have started recently - maybe after a recent Windows Update (not sure though).

It’s not a huge issue as it is fairly easy to work around, but I was wondering if anyone else is having a similar issue?



How are you starting Audacity?

Hi Steve,

I installed 3.1.3 using the Windows installer and then added a shortcut on the Task Bar to Audacity.Exe which is located in C:\Program Files\Audacity. I also tried it directly from the executable file by double clicking it in the Audacity folder. I get the same response in both cases - fails if I just did a fresh boot but works every time after that first failure.

It had been working fine since my first install when it was first released but started doing this a couple weeks ago. I can try re-installing later today to see if that helps.



When you do that, uninstall all versions of Audacity first,

Then look in both “/Program Files/” and “Program Files (x86)” and delete any “audacity” folders (Note that if you have installed any custom plug-ins into either of those directories, you may want to back them up or move them before deleting the “audacity” folders)

Then delete the hidden folder:

Then reinstall.
(This will give you a clean installation of Audacity.)

Note that the official Audacity release should be downloaded from here: