Audacity 3.0 compressor error

If the beginning of the sound is a negative time, the compressor will have an internal error.

Internal error at WaveTrack.cpp line 1374.
macOS 10.15.7

Yepper - its a refression bug on 2.4.2 - On W10 I get a silent crash.

I’ll be logging this shortly

Thanks for the report - much appreciated :slight_smile: :sunglasses:


Logged as P1 regression bug #2710
Compressor with audio before T=0 crashes Audacity

One again many thanks for the report tac2 :nerd:


Good catch. Thanks for reporting.

As a matter of interest, why do you have audio in negative time?

As a matter of interest, why do you have audio in negative time?

I sometimes move the waveform in a negative direction when matching my instrumental playing (shakuhachi or nasal flute) with the timing of karaoke. :smiley:

I am having the same problem mixing some talks where talk attendees recorded their voice on their computer and sent it to me. For synchronization I also moved some tracks in the negative and audacity crashed. Of course I could also move the other tracks in positive direction, but this is where it happend to me.

Just beacause you asked for reasons. :wink:

In the soon to be upcoming 3.0.1 release

a) this doesn’t crash

b) it only operates on the audio that is in positive time


Thanks for the info Drexel and tac2.
Yes, as you say Drexel, moving the other track to the right is a good way to avoid he issue.

A new release (Audacity 3.0.1) is scheduled for later this month, and contains a fix for this problem.

Can’t wait the next release, even if for my problem workarounds exist. :slight_smile:

I just noticed moving the other tracks to the positive direction makes it more complicated to me, because the audio belongs to a video and I snych everything with the video’s audio track. So I cut off the beginning of tracks which I need to move to negative direction. =)

Keep up the good job! Thank you!

There’s a quick way to delete everything before zero:

Ctrl + A, Shift + Home, Ctrl + T

  1. Ctrl + A, Select All
  2. Shift + Home, Select to beginning of project (for tracks the begin in negative time, the “beginning” is defined as time=0.0)
  3. Ctrl + T, trim to selection.

That’s cute :ugeek: :sunglasses:


and of course you could create a Macro to do that, and set a keyboard shortcut to run the Macro. You would then be able to delete everything before time=0 with just one keyboard shortcut :wink:

Nice, I give it a try next time, thank you!

I am posting it here, because I have the same issue with the Change Tempo effect. When I move a track to the negative and use Change Tempo on the whole track, Audacity crashes…

You need to update to Audacity 3.0.2:

I have Audacity 3.0.2 :wink:

My mistake, I thought this had been fixed. It hasn’t yet, but is logged as a “P1” (top priority) issue.