Audacity manual help images optimized

I losslessly optimized the user manual pictures so that they take up less space. Saved about 8.3 MB of space. This will affect the archives and installers, as well as the unpacked (installed program). Please replace source files with these optimized ones. I attach an archive containing all the images of the “m” folder (Audacity\help\manual\m) of the manual, maximally optimized (PNG optimized by ECT).

If you accept my suggestion, these tools will help you keep the size of newly added images as small as possible:

  1. iCatalyst (png, jpg, gif)
  2. ECT (png, jpg)

Please note that ECT optimizes PNG more strongly, but is slower than iCatalyst. iCatalyst I gave for GIF optimization.
Command line for utilities:

  1. iCatalyst.bat /png:2 /jpg:2 /gif:1 /outdir:false
    • for Windows lnk •
  2. ECT.exe -9 -strip %1
    •for BAT\CMD • This CMD can be put into “SendTo” folder

Directory support is disabled in ECT. Therefore, without writing a special script or batch file, it is only possible to optimize files one by one.
Alternatively, you can create a BAT file where you manually specify the complete autoreverse list for every case. With this will help Total Commander and AkelPad.

Thanks for your contribution Lity. You are welcome to post your suggestion here: though it will be up to the developers to decide whether to use it or not.