Audacity 3.0.3 version errors after upgrade from 3.0.2

After updating Audacity to version 3.0.3, I got an error message as on attached screenshot.
Copied into the plugins folder:

  1. avcodec-55.dll
  2. avformat-55.dll
  3. lame_enc.dll
    Re-started the program, no error issued.
    Loaded a mp3 file - OK.
    Loaded a mp4 file (which was OK in previous version), got another error message
    Please see attached screenshots combined into one image.
    Answers will be appreciated.
    Audacity 3.0.3 Errors.jpg

If you installed 64-bit Audacity, you will need to replace your 32-bit FFmpeg for Audacity with the 64-bit version.
Installation instructions for FFmpeg remain the same other than downloading the new 64-bit version rather than the old 32-bit version:

You actually don’t need to “replace2” you can have 64-bit and 320bit FFmpeg libraries on the same computer - useful if you want to run older 32-bit Audacities as well as the new 64-bit 3.0.3