audacity 3.0.3 Interface only in English after the update


After the update to 3.0.3 the interface is only in English.

Before audacity 3.0.2 interface in French.

I use PCLinuxOS, our audacity 3.0.3 is now an appimage.

Nothing wrong with the update. no error message…etc

How can I do to have the interface back in French ?

app checking.jpg

I assume that you are using the AppImage version. That version is English only.

Your options for other languages are either to build Audacity from the source code, or wait for your distro to update the repository version, or look for a working PPA build.

Thanks Steve.

So for another language => build Audacity from the source code or update the repository version.

Looking for the build, I will back when all good for another language.

Have a nice day.

I followed this up, and it appears that the AppImage was intended to have the full set of translations, but for an as yet unknown reason, it is English only. In other words, it is a bug.

The issue has been logged here:

Another possibility is that a fixed version of the AppImage might be released. I’ll keep an eye out for it.

Solved with this post :

Resume :
Edit the file ~/.audacity-data/audacity.cfg, search for the entry [Locale] and set the language:

Thank you