Audacity 3.0.3 Appimage won't run

Hello all,

The Audacity 3.0.3 Appimage won’t run, or at least it doesn’t so usefully. Ubuntu 20.04 64 bit.
It shows a “update audacity” modal popup “Audacity 3.1.2 is available!”

There are no buttons on the pop-up to dismiss it. I can’t shut the application either because the pop-up is modal.
I suspect I can work around it by disconnecting my network, but I haven’t tried.

I’m trying to test older versions of Audacity to look at noise reduction performance, for what it’s worth.
This bug means that this linux version (and perhaps others) are inaccessible.

Adrian Stephens

The current version is Audacity 3.1.2. You can get it here: Audacity ® | Downloads
The 3.1.2 version has a lot of fixes since 3.0.3. There won’t be any changes to 3.0.3 from the Audacity team - the version number is bumped after changes.

The Noise Reduction code has not changed significantly in many years, though all effects seem to be a bit slower in 3.1.2 AppImage compared to 3.0.2 installed from the Ubuntu repository.

The button in the top corner of the window?

Hello Steve,
I already have 3.1.2 installed. I wanted to install 3.0.3 to compare Noise reduction speed, which is 6 times slower than on my slower Windows PC.

Hello Steve,
I’m actually running Zorin 16, which is a skin on top of Ubuntu 20.04. I believe it uses the gnome windows manager and desktop,
but it tweaks quite a lot of the desktop layout settings. Anyway, there is no x button at the top right in this particular modal popup, although there
is generally in other windows, such as the Audacity main window.


Are you referring to the “Changelog” window, or the “App Updates” window?