Audacity 3.0.2 huge memory, crashes, help please!


I’ve upgrade to new version of audacity and am now having issues.

It crashes and it is so slow. It tried to recover files but its not opening. Audacity is so slow and its now occupying 10GB of memory in my activity monitor.

please help. I’ve lost 20 min of narration which I have do redo this morning and am now on my second half of recording and its happening again!

Please help!


Try upgrading to Audacity 3.0.2:

Sorry, that’s the version that I have. 3.0.2. Wrong heading!


I ended with an auto recovery early but even that is unable to recover the file.

I am in big trouble!


Is there a way for me to uninstall the new version and inatall the previous version whilst bugs are being fixed in the new version?

Old versions can be downloaded from here: