Audacity 3.0.2 disabling USB camera audio after reboot


I am using windows 10 and Audacity 3.0.2. Windows 10 is updated as 2021-07-20.

I have connecter a USB HD camera and a behringer mixer 302USB. All is working well until I install Audacity and I rebooted. On 3 computers, only one shows the problem I will describe. All are DELLs and have the same camera. Two have the same mixer.

Both camera mic and the mic connected to the Behringer work and can be switched using the Windows parameters. I install Audacity and things are still working well.

However, if I reboot, the camera mic cease to work. I need to uninstall Audacity and reboot and things are back to normal. There seems to be a driver or codec conflict when starting windows.

The computer is DELL G5 5000, I7 10700F. There is a NVIDIA graphics card 2060 I believe.

Perhaps there is some other issue you are not sharing?: if everything is working fine, why reboot?

FYI: Audacity is not involved in your reboot process. Also there is nothing in the Audacity installation process that is going to change anything.

Make sure your USB devices are plugged in before starting Audacity. Otherwise do Transport > Rescan audio devices.

Note that Audacity will only be able to record from one device at a time.

If you are having other seemingly random issues with both USB devices plugged at the same time, you may wish to check that they are both operating at the same sample rate. In the Windows search bar, run “mmsys.cpl”, then Recording > select a device > Properties > Advanced > Default Rate.