Audacity 3.0.2 Crash on Launch

Hello folks,

I am using Windows 10 Home on a newly-built machine. Audacity has been working fine for the 10 days that the computer’s existed (it’s handbuilt, not store-bought).

Today all of a sudden it’s no longer working. Every time i launch audacity, it crashes to the debug report generator screen.
I’ve seen multiple threads with similar problems but none of the solutions work to fix my issue.

  • Deleting the Audacity CFG file
  • Deleting the other two files in the appdata folder with the CFG file
  • Reinstalling
  • Downgrading to a prior version
  • Installing on a different machine

Audacity has been in the news a lot recently about privacy nonsense. Was something done to mess up the code?! I can’t get it to launch to save my life now and I have 2 audiobooks due in 8 days. i don’t have time for this.

No. From management: “If you have any questions or comments, or if you wish to exercise your data protection rights, please contact us via

If your machine is crashing while launching Audacity, and you have done all the things you outlined above, then

  1. Reboot your machine.
  2. Make sure the most recent Windows update has been applied.
  3. Remove any plugins you may have downloaded.
  4. Disable and remove any and all audio devices, particularly HDMI, Bluetooth, gaming sets, droidcam, DFX software, etc.

Thanks for the disable audio device tip!

Disabling Sonic Studio Virtual Mixer in Device Manager to get Audacity to open again.

And thanks for the report back! :smiley:

Not the OP unfortunately