Audacity 3.0.0 not outputting audio to speakers via USB-C hub


I’ve been having sooo many problems with audio output lately, from the various apps that I use.

I have managed to resolve this for Ableton and Traktor by downloading Fruity Loops and using the FL ASIO drivers, but Audacity is now the problem! :frowning:

I am running Audacity 3.0.0 on a Dell XPS connected to a USC-C hub, which has an audio jack to my external speakers.

When I select this output for any other audio application I hear the output through my external speakers, however with Audacity I only seem to be able to get the output to come through my headphones or laptop speakers!

Please help, this is driving me crazy! lol

I’ve tried Rescanning Audio devices, closing and opening Audacity, and even rebooting, but nothing seems to work. :frowning:



Audacity cannot currently ship with ASIO support due to licensing restrictions (ASIO is closed source).

When ASIO is running, it grabs exclusive control of the audio device. That prevents non-ASIO apps (such as Audacity) from accessing the device.
To use a device with Audacity, you need to ensure that ASIO is not running (or at least, not accessing that device).