Audacity 2014 is Uploaded

Am trying to set up this new software. The input drop menu has only two options, neither are “Line In” for my PC. The PC is a HP that is relative new, not more than two years old. Is the latest and greatest from HP.
I’m trying to set up my reel to reel recorder (Right and Left RCA plugs into a adaptor to a stereo mini plug, and have hooked all this together into my PC’s “line in” on the back of the tower.

I found that Audacity must be set for the input to “line in” and the output should be my sound card. These drop menus for either of these do not have these options.

Both input and output had only two options…both of which did have a Microsoft Sound Manager (can’t remember exactly) option…but in reading about it, evidently I am not to choose that option.

Okay gents…tell me what I am doing wrong?

Sorry, but we don’t make “Audacity 2014”. Anything called that is likely to be a malware rip-off of Audacity so I suggest you do a deep overnight anti-virus check to be on the safe side.

Official Audacity is available here: . Then you will have the latest 2.0.5 version.

Please tell us exactly what version of Windows you have.

Do you have two separate audio inputs? If so, choose the blue one marked line-in. Read your computer manual to find out which one it is. If you have a separate line-in, but it does not show up in Audacity, open the Windows sound control panels, and enable the line-in. See how to do that for Windows XP or Windows Vista or later .

If you only have a single microphone input, it may be unsuitable for recording reel-to-reel. For more explanation please see Tutorial - Copying tapes, LPs or MiniDiscs to CD . See especially How to connect your equipment .


The 2014 was a mistake for the subject at hand. The version is , I have Windows 8.1., and I used the .exe installer.

I am really frustrated with thing and about to just de-install it. I’ve played with this thing for 3 days, and read and read about how to make this work.

I’ve tried to record using the Sound Mapper, or the IDT options (input and outputs). It does not record at all…

2.0.0 is now over two years old.

If you actually have a separate line-in then as already explained you will need to enable that line-in in Windows Sound. See Missing features - Audacity Support for how to do that. If the line-in is disabled in Windows, no software will record from it.

If you only have an external microphone input you will have to choose that input in the third box in Device Toolbar and see if you get acceptable quality. Again, that mic input may be disabled by Windows. Unless you enable inputs in Windows then you will not be able to record.

If you need more help, please tell us what physical audio inputs the computer has (read the computer manual if you are not sure what inputs it has).

Then click Help > Audio Device Info… top right of Audacity, right-click in the window, Select All, then right-click, Copy, and paste the information here. That will tell us what output and input devices Audacity can see.