Audacity 2 won't install

Having got nowhere with Audacity 1.3 I’m trying, as recommended, to install Audacity 2 on a Mepis 11 machine (Uses Debian). There’s plenty of storage and RAM available.

I downloaded Audacitry 2 OK from sourceforge (as Audacity 2 does not appear in the Synaptic listing).and unpacked it into a directory. Typing “./configure” ran OK, except for a message about being unable to find wxwidget, but the command “make” did not respond, and the keyboard stopped responding. I had to reboot to get going again.

Please can someone tell me how I should install this version of Audacity, and, if really necessary, the wxwidget package.

In that case please post in the correct GNU’Linux help board instead of “General Feedback and Discussion”. Moved.

Which would be fatal because Audacity depends on it.

You are not installing Audacity yet. We don’t supply pre-compiled binaries for Linux, so if you download Audacity from us you first have to compile and/or install Widgets then compile Audacity. Have you read ? apt-get audacity should work on Mepis, so try the “Example compiling the latest Audacity source code on Ubuntu” instructions near the top of “Compiling Audacity for Beginners”.

There are Audacity 1.3 packages provided by Mepis here:

but those are old Beta versions so may be buggy. Is that what you mean?

Alternatively if you don’t wish to compile Audacity, try Ubuntu or some other distribution that keeps its Audacity packages up-to-date.