Audacity 2 + IZotop Ozon 5

Hi! I apologize for my bad English - I am from Belarus. Prompt, set VST plugin Ozone IZotope 5. When it started Audacity 2 plugin does not have the Ok, although in the early Virtue Editor button appears. Without it I can not use the plugin. What to do? How to fix? Thank you.

Audacity can run (some) VST plug-ins, but I really don’t know if it runs Ozone…

Most of these expensive plug-ins are not tested & de-bugged by the developer/seller for use with free or low-cost software. The Ozone web site says:

And of course, the Audacity developers don’t test all of these expensive plug-ins with Audacity either…

Can you make a screen shot so we can see the problem? To do this, press PrtScr, open Paint, Paste and save as a PNG image. Attach the image using “Upload attachment” underneath where you post.

If you have to press an OK to acknowledge an unlicensed version of Ozone, but the OK button is off the screen, try pressing ENTER on your keyboard or pressing TAB then ENTER.