Audacity 2.all

Hallo and hello, to the Audacity team,

I use Audacity with a Steinberg U12 with Ubuntu 18.04 Linux, this combination works great without problems, I use that to do voice analysis.

(Analysis → draw spectra)
For that it would be very helpful if the window in the spectra can be calculated and displayed larger in order to have a better resolution between 100Hz to 3000Hz.

(Edit → Settings) Spectra
In this window you can set (example 100Hz-3000Hz) but it does not work.

Unfortunately, my programming skills are too bad to do it myself, it would be great if I could soon have a solution to this need.

Yours sincerely.
Franz Bertels :smiley:

Make a copy of the track (Select the track then “Ctrl + D” to duplicate)
Resample the duplicate track to 8000 Hz sample rate (“Tracks menu > Resample”)
With the 8 kHz track selected, open “Plot Spectrum”, and expand the spectrum window to full screen.

The resampled track will have a bandwidth up to 4000 Hz.

Also, experiment with the two “Axis” options (linear or logarithmic)