Audacity 2.4 Windows Store Version?

There seems to be an alleged Audacity 2.4 Windows Store version at:

The product page even links to’s privacy policy page. So I am confused if that’s the official build or not.

Somehow it looks and smells fishy. Can the Audacity team please confirm or clarify?

It’s NOT the official version because it would be 2.4.0. And, people have reported problems with it (although I’m not sure if was 2.4 and I thought they were charging money for it.)

The official version is on (which you can get to from and it’s now 3.0.0.

It is somewhat misleading or even deceiving as the Privacy Policy link on the product page links to

Someone from the Audacity team should report them to the Windows Store for copyright infringement:

It says 2.3.3, and the icon is damaged, but at least it is free. Perhaps they’ve got built-in spy-ware…