Audacity 2.4 for mac

The file made available for download from your official page is still the old 2.3.3 one.
Please - are you able to tell us either where we can download 2.4 for mac or when it will be released?

Thanks - but that’s temporarily deliberate.

A user found a nasty data-loss bug in 2.4.0 when copying audio in a mutiple project scenario:
Lost/corrupted audio data after pasting into empty project

We are working on this day and hope to fix this soon.

Thanks for the report Gill,


hi there
Well, that’s a giant THANK YOU to the person who reported the nasty bug and another one to you guys for sorting it.
Cheers, and happy fixing!

So, delete the downloads.

What will be the indicator I got the right one?


You don’t need to delete 2.4.0 if you don’t
a) mess around with multiple projects
b) copy stuff from one project the another
c) then Save the project that was copied too

And I seem to recall Koz that you seldom, if ever, Save projects anyway …


I for one use “Save Projects” and “Cut and Paste” daily in my work and podcast. I appreciate the heads up and look forward to the new release. Thank you to all bug catchers and bug fixers around the world!

-Ron (Vancouver, Washington)

Hi Ron,

we have found the problem and fixed it (I QA tested on W10 and macOS 10.15,4) 0 the fix should be out later this week, possibly tomorrow.


I got it and am playing with it right now! Thank you Audacity team!