Audacity 2.4.2 was working great, now isn't works at all

How can I solve this problem? This message just keep popping up before the program starts. So I’m stuck at this point. I’ve tried to delete all the plugins, and uninstall the software. But, after the reinstallion, even without the plugins, the message stills popping up.
mostrar log.png

I don’t know about this problem but I will translate the error message for the Audaciteam so they to understand it.

“Trying to initiate the next effect has failed” (or failed to initiate the next effect)

Virtual Guitar Amp II

"More information can be available in ‘Help → Diagnostic → Show log’ "

Try doing a full reset of Audacity back to factory defaults.

To reset Audacity, you need to shut down Audacity, then open (in the Windows File Manager) the hidden folder:

C:\Users\<your user name>\Application Data\audacity\

and delete the three files:

  • audacity.cfg
  • pluginregistry.cfg
  • pluginsettings.cfg

When you restart Audacity you should see the “Welcome” screen.