audacity 2.4.2 slow under 10.15.6

Hi there, I just got a 16" MacBook pro from apple, and I’m noticing that whenever I’m trying to listen to any audio file in audacity, the playback line is struggling to keep up. I noticed that was an issue I was having back in February on one of the computers I recorded to in the lab space on my college campus (2013 mac pro running macOS 10.14.6).

Is it possible that performance isn’t very good under 10.14 and 10.15? Based upon what I saw, I’m not the first person to encounter slow performance. Hopefully, this will get fixed soon.

Is this just a visual problem, or does it also affect the sound? That is; is the sound OK, or is it audibly slow and low pitched, or slow and broken?

If it is, as Steve said, just the lagging cursor and not slowed-down sound, the issue is likely a 30-bit display on your new Macbook.

With Audacity not running, right-click on the Audacity icon and select Get Info. In the Get Info dialog, check “Open in Low Resolution”. Start Audacity and see if that makes an improvement.

– Bill

That helped. Thank you!