Audacity 2.4.2 Recording with me set-up....

How’s it going friends?

So, i have a YouTube Channel, and when I’m doing in house recording, the recording/playback is SUPER “tinny” and very much sounding processed through a computer. I’m aware of tricks like “Noise Reduction” and “Bass/Treble”. Even Compression. It still sounds like trash.

I’m using a Boya PVM-1000 with a Focusrite 2i2 (recent version). I’m running the mic on 48v phantom power, and the interface is plugged into my computer. I do have Abelton Live Lite, but Audacity is SO much more user friendly. It just… still sounds like a trash can.

Any thoughts? Any help would be appreciated!

What’s in the show? You speaking? Full stop.

Did you connect the shotgun to the 2i2 with one of these?

Let’s see…2i2.

Turn off AIR.
Turn off INST.
Turn on 48v
Turn down the microphone GAIN control you’re not using.

Turn up the two monitor knobs and listen to the headphone connection with wired headphones.

Does it sound sucky there? I expect this to work. I think you did something wrong.

You have to be speaking directly into the nose of the shotgun, but you don’t have to be that close.

I need to look up what that Direct Monitor button does. I’ve never met that before.


The Direct Monitor options are Mono (on the left) and Stereo. You would think you would want that Stereo at all times, but it’s really awkward when you have a single source like a microphone and it only appears in one ear of your headphones. You can force that to work, but it’s not fun.

Mono mix during performances is almost always best.


Did you find it yet? I’m betting the 2i2 is fine, right? If you got it that far, we get to start ripping apart the Windows settings. That’s just the most fun.

If you used any other cable than the three-pin XLR on both ends, that can cause immediately sound problems.


Have you checked that Windows enhancements are turned off?

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