Audacity 2.4.2 Recording Streaming Audio Setup


I’ve tried the help files for this.

There is no clear way to record a streaming audio or any Windows sounds.
The instructions show a diagram that doesn’t match that of which I see in 2.4.2

In preferences I’ve selected MM# and Direct Sound to no avail.

HP Laptop with Realtek audio, Windows 64 bit.



The “WASAPI loopback” method is generally the best option:



No such luck.


Could you be more specific, please? If the instructions are wrong, at what point do they diverge from what you’re seeing? Are you getting an error message, and if yes, what is it? Is Audacity producing a recording that’s incorrect in some way, and if yes, in what way is the recording defective?

Well, I tried folllowing the instructions for both switching to MME and WIndows Mapper but nothing worked.

If there were step by step screen shot photos to utilize.

It seems some of my Audacity isn’t what I was seeing in the instructions.

There is no error,

The audio that does come back is silence.

Can you describe what part of Audacity doesn’t match what you are seeing in the instructions? Or, failing that, post a screen shot of the part of Audacity that doesn’t match?

Ideally you want the Device Toolbar to look something like this:

The first element, “Windows WASAPI”, is most important. The specific device (the second element) may vary with your system, but “(loopback)” is the important part there.

Thanks for your screen shot!

I am using Boom3D for sound improvement, it’ s worth the $12USD lifetime, Boom3D also has hundreds of radio stations worldwide, from inside the Middle East such as Iraq and Iran, citizen radio and government, both FM radio stations which is a plus.

As for the setup, I found Audacity to be exactly the way you have in your screenshot and it amply recorded a YouTube concert.

However, and I will get back to you,

U2.Com has a streaming show that is impossible to get the video to download, it simply streams and it highly protected, at least the video is. “Live In Berlin Experience innocence”.

Perhaps the audio is protected too!?

In any event, i had to change some of what you show on the screenshot to include Boom3D audio, such as headphones instead of Realtek.

Left without Boom3D, the Realtek in this laptop is almost too quiet so Boom3D does amplify quite well too.

Thanks for the help.

BTW, the competition, OcenAudio suffers from the same original problem.


Ya, I had to change the speakers from Realtek to Boom3D as a loopback and playback. Boom3D amplifies the sound very well, considering Realtek and laptops, be it onboard speakers or headphones are too quiet. The setup you screenshot is how I found Audacity and it recorded a YouTube concert easliy.

However, at liveinberlin the video is highly protected and I cannot download the video as I can with YouTube. The audio, as I tried moments ago, is not protected. The next step is to silence all Windows 10 64Bit sound so as not to interrupt the audio I wish to record.

Maybe, since as you screenshot it, i did set up Audacity that way before but never shut it down only to restart it, as I did start it to view and compare your screen shot to how mine should be and aside from choosing Boom3D, everything else was already as your screenshot showed.

Somehow, this time, it worked, with and wihout Boom3D.