Audacity 2.4.2 does not remember I want it to use Multi-tool

Finally got the update on Audacity Portable where my tracks aren’t all uncollapsed when I reopen a project.

Now, when I open Audacity, the Selection Tool is selected. I have to hit F6 to go back to Multi-Tool to work as I am accustomed to. Of course, this is only after struggling for several seconds to figure out what the heck is wrong with Audacity now.

Which “Portable” version are you using? The one from “Portable Apps” of the official ZIP version direct from Audacity Team?

I apologize for not clearly stating that I have been using the PortableApps Audacity.

Am I the only one experiencing this issue? It seems like a similar issue as before–Audacity would not remember which tracks were collapsed. And now, it will not remember which mode of tool initiate.

We don’t officially support 3rd party Windows / Mac builds, but this appears to be the same in the official release version.
I’ll log it as a bug.


In the meantime, you can just press the F6 key to switch to the Multi-Tool.

I can confirm this bug. I have tried multiple times to get Audacity to remember the multi-tool but every time I open it, the select tool is chosen.

Audacity 2.4.2 on Windows 10.

Sorry. this is not a bug this is a “feature” the developers decided it should act this way with the default being Selection Tool every time you launch.

On older versions of Audacity it did used to remember and restore the Tool that was active when you exited Audacity the last time. But too many folk were accidentally setting one of the tools and couldn’t work out how to get back to Selection tool, so the developers made the decision to always open with the selection tool active.

It is a simple matter after opening to just hit the F6 shortcut to switch to the Multi-tool.

And yes, i t might be nice if there was a preferences setting for you to choose which tool to open with - bud sadly there isn’t - the developers either did not think (or did not want) to provide that.