Audacity 2.4.2. audio distortion

I’m using Audacity 2.4.2. My audio recording is very distorted during Playback. In Settings, I checked my headphones numerous time. They’re working fine. Everything that I’ve checked and gone over tells me it’s a Recording issue. The mic is working fine and the Settings are good. I just can find the reason or the fix as to why the recording is distorted. I’ve checked the Gain/Volume, my Rate is at 44100Hz. Any ideas or suggestions?


Yes, Disable Audio Enhancements - Microsoft Support

Yea, I agree. I just can’t find the fix.

Believe me, last release is awesome and it resolves many issues.
You can isolate it by a firewall, if you have any concerns.

Thanks. I’ll have to try it

There can be a second layer of audio enhancements in addition to the Windows ones. The second layer is sometimes called MaxxAudio.

Would I be able to find that in Settings, or can I access that?

Search for “audio” on your computer …

Thanks for the suggested fix. Unfortunately, I’m still getting feedback in my recording.

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