Audacity 2.4.1 Function

I have moved to iMac IOS Catlina and Audacity 2.4.1 - The one main question I have is, "where is the replacement key, function or whatever that has replaced Levelator? I can create a .wav file but am stuck trying to level the file, then normalize it and finish up with the MP3. Please help me on this…Thanks!!

Larry Peterson

The Leveler effect is long gone. Instead, try the Limiter effect.

The old Leveler effect was created specifically for use in Macros (then called Chains) to process voice recordings. The only thing it had going for it was that it would apply the same amount of “leveling” no matter what the level of the original file, and thus was great for use in a Macro to process many files, each of which could have a different level. The downside was that it created distortion. The more “leveling” you asked for the more distortion you got.

The Limiter effect requires that you tweak the settings for each file you are going to process. The upside is that you won’t need to Normalize the file after using the Limiter.

Since you’re on Mac, you could go to the Plug-in Manager and enable the Audio Unit effect AUPeakLimiter. Since it’s an Audio Unit you can preview the effect in real time to find the setting you want.

– Bill