Audacity 2.4.0


While greatly welcoming the new version, I do have a quarrel, which would suggest that a future update would want to rectify it. My issue is that, after saving an mp3, Audacity (2.4.0) does NOT STILL preserve the cover art. Though this is a minor irritation which adds a couple of more steps, it would be a welcome change to have this happen. Any tips? :sunglasses:

This is a long-standing known bug:
Embedded album art and lyrics metadata discarded

In general Audacity is not very good with metadata, that bug is one of about 17 that are logged for metadata (If you follow the above link to that bug #701 and type “metadata” in the search box and click the “Search” button you should see all of them).

We are unlikely to pick say just album cover art and ignore the rest. It really needs a total redesign of metadata handling nut we don’t have the manpower for that on this small volunteer part-time project, sorry. There are also issues of lack of standards for some metadata fields.

Personally I find it much easier to manage my metadata outside of Audacity (I use iTunes for that).