Audacity 2.3.3 won't record with headphones in

Hi, first time posting, please bear with me. I’ve got my audio interface (behringer u-phoria umc22) plugged into my computer and my bass amp plugged into it. The recording line on audacity is on the interface, everything in that regard is working perfectly. The only issue is it wont record while headphones are plugged into the headphone for direct monitoring. When its not recording, I can hear my bass just fine, along with my other recorded tracks for the overrun, thats all perfectly fine. But when I go to record with the headphones in, it gives me the error message “code -9999 unanticipated host error” and “cannot open recording”. I know i havent done anything that shouldn’t work. Has anybody else had issues with this?

Here is from Unanticipated host error with Focusrite Saffire 6 on Win 10:

You saved my day, problem solved! > :sunglasses:

It never occurred to me that there are three things to be aligned:

  • the sound settings for recording device
  • the sound settings for playback device
  • audacity settings
    all have to agree on sampling and bitrate. I somehow only checked two of those > :confused:
    Thanks a lot!


I’m not exactly sure what I’m supposed to do with that, its a little vague. My inputs and outputs are all set to the interface