Audacity 2.3.3 takes longer time to launch.

The terminal output looks normal for Audacity. Unfortunately it is quite cluttered with platform dependent checks (this needs cleaning up), but the messages are harmless.

The two things that are most likely to cause slow launch:

  1. Initialising audio In/Out.
    The audio system on Linux can be quite complex, so it can take Audacity a few seconds to discover what devices are available. There’s not much can be done to speed this up because Audacity needs to know what devices are available, and what their capabilities (channels / supported sample rates) are.

  2. Plug-ins.
    On launch, Audacity looks to see what plug-ins are available. If there are a lot of shared objects in the plug-in paths, then this can take a while. Unsupported plug-ins can take longer because it will take a while before Audacity gives up trying to access the plug-in.
    Uninstalling plug-ins that you don’t use may help reduce Audacity’s launch time.

    There is an additional problem with Audacity 2.3.3 (and 2.4.1) on Ubuntu, which is that it has been built with the wrong version of wxGTK. The effect of this seems to vary from one machine to another. The main problem that I see resulting from this is that with 2.4.1, “View > Track Size > Fit to Height” causes Audacity to crash. Other users have reported an assortment of display problems.
    Hopefully this will all be sorted out when Audacity 2.4.2 becomes available, because the Audacity developers have made it harder to build Audacity with the wrong version of wxGTK.