Audacity 2.3.3 - Scrollbar glitches

If you import an audio file, play it from the start, and zoom in, you’ll see the scrub ruler / playhead moves to random spots throughout the track… I’ll attach a picture. Look at the playhead. You’ll see it is in a spot where audio is playing. Look at the playback monitor and you’ll see it isn’t showing any audio…

Try setting the “audio host” to MME rather than WASAPI (see:

Still seems to do it actually

Did you import the track from a file, or did you record it?
What is the track’s sample rate? (look in the info panel on the left end of the track)
What is the “Project Rate” (look near the lower left corner of the main Audacity window)

Also, if you’ve not done so already, try rebooting the computer.

44100 hz. Both the project and sample rate are. It is a visual bug of some kind. Would a video help?

For now I’m going to use 2.3.2, at least until the issue is fixed

Does the issue go away with 2.3.2?

From looking at your image I think you are hovering your cursor in the Timeline - evidenced by the thin black line under the playhead. When audio is actually playing that line turns green (in Dark theme as you have)

This is normally what you do to initiate Timeline Quickplay from that point - see:


Yes. it doesn’t happen at all there. I’ll just record a short video and upload it to youtube (unlisted), and then link it here. It is obviously a visual bug and not something I’m doing wrong.

Video showing what happens in both 2.3.2 and 2.3.3

Skip to 27-28 seconds in the video specifically