Audacity 2.3.3 recording issue (new)

I use v2.3.3 with iMac Mohave. I have recorded 2 stereo tracks successfully and started a third track. When I select the end point on the third track to pickup recording the track, as soon as I arm the recorder (release pause button) the third track (with recorder selected ) and the other 2 track playing back their audio jump way ahead into the previously recorded track. When I stop the recording it has placed a red vertical line on the third track. When examining the surrounding area near the red mark there is no overdriven (clipping) audio to be found. Why does recording NOT start where I place the cursor?

I think I’ve run into this. Audacity always assumes you want to add work to the longest track. Did I get it?

Overdubbing Audacity always assumes you want to start from the beginning? Closer?

Is this a problem of the difference between Plain Record and Shift+Record? One starts a whole new track and the other amends work to the end of an existing track. As above, I think I’ve run into a “force to the longest track” problem.