Audacity 2.3.3 on iMac 2015 recording speeded up

I pretty new and don’t know the language for this problem but in downloading and using the new 2.3.3 ver on Mac 10.12 we are experiencing a speeded up recording which sound when played back like chipmonks and all our settings are factory preset. This only happens once in a while when recording, but thought that it might happen to others and want people to know.

thanks for your help,

You can get speed changes if what you think it an MP3 file is really some other format such as M4a. Right-Click the file > Get INFO. Your Mac will tell you the format and other information.

You can get speed changes if the sampling rates get scrambled. That’s the 44100 or 48000 number. Sometimes if you include a video sound file (48000) in your regular (44100) production, you can experience a speed change.

If you change the sampling rate for one individual track with the controls in the panel on the left, that may give a speed change.

You can get a speed change intentionally with Effect > Change Speed.