Audacity 2.3.3 mp3 export of one project stops

Hey there,

I have a problem with exporting one single project.
I recorded a song with my band, arranged it and wanted to export it into mp3 format.
But the green progress bar just went halfway and then disappeared.
I could only find the mp3 file in the recently used section, not on the desktop (which I set as the save location).
But when I tryed to open it with media player, it said that the data is either not found or the format can’t be opened.

The problem has to be within the project, because I did a test memo with which the exporting in mp3 format worked perfectly.
My band member, who recorded his and the other instruments first and copied the project onto my pc over a usb stick, has had
the exact same problem with this audio, even though he didnt have any problems exporting data with audacity before.

Does anyone know what I could try to do? I’m desperate for help!
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

  1. How long is the project?
  2. Is it a single stereo recording, or a multi-track project?
  3. What is the full filename that you are using when exporting?
  4. Have you tried exporting as WAV?

Hi Steve,
thanks for replying!

  1. The project is 3:13 min long.
  2. It’s a multi-track project.
  3. The full filename is
  4. Yes I have, and the same thing happened, where the progress window closes right in the middle of exporting

A few more details of my problem:
When I try to open the track in the “recently used” section with my media player (groove music), it shows this code: 0x80070002 .
And my band member who gave the project on to me just told me, that he also made a recording test and couldn’t export that project as well(a single stereo one). (My test that I mentioned in the first post was a single stereo recording as well).



Sorry! It’s 24-03-20_Final_Blood_and_Steel

Thanks. I was just checking that it’s a valid file name (which it is).

Try soloing the first track, and then export. This should export the first track only.
Repeat for each track in turn.
I’m expecting that one of the tracks will fail to export, but all the other tracks will export correctly.

If my expectation is correct, then you could decide to remake that track, or it may be possible to recover most of that track and just need to repair a small part of the “bad” track. Let us know the result of the above test.

Thank you, you were right! There were only two tracks that could’nt be exported.

Then I realized that the two non-exportable stereo tracks of my band member (who records with audacity as well) both showed one track part where there was a bold block instead of the normal sound curve.
Because he only has recorded those stereo tracks with a mono-mic and the blocks only appeared on one side of the stereo track, I just separated them and deleted the created mono track with the block.
After this step I could actually export the whole song which I am very happy about, but there is one last thing I’d like to ask:
Do you have an idea why those “blocks” might appear in his tracks? Could it be because he is recording mono sound right into stereo tracks instead of first creating a mono track and then doubling it into a stereo track?

Thank you so much for your help!

The audio data in an Audacity projects is stored in blocks. The blocks are usually around 1 MB (about 6 seconds at 44100 Hz sample rate).
The problem that you describe will occur if a sample value in the data block is a NaN ( The presence of a NaN will corrupt the block from the position of the NaN to the end of the block.

Basically, there’s a bit of corrupt data in each of those two tracks.