audacity 2.3.3 just crashed on windows 7

I was listening to A recording when I noticed the left channel had some bad noise( Only about 1 second) so I stopped the rec ,went back and found
the bad spot, highlighted it ,when I attempted to delete this came up: AUDACITY CROSS PLATFORM SOUND EDITOR HAS STOPPED WORKING

windows can check online for a solution to the problem
Think I’ll pass on the windows online . If I close the program will I lose the project?

In the event of a crash, Audacity will usually recover the project the next time it is started.
Please note that full recovery cannot be guaranteed, but I think that this is your only option. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you.

Please also note that Windows 7 reached it’s “End of Life” (“EOL”) on January 14th this year. Audacity 2.4.0 has not been tested on Windows 7 as none of the developers or testers have Windows 7. The official line is that there is no official support for legacy operating systems once they have reached their “EOL”.