Audacity 2.3.2 won't open on Mac 10.14.4

Hi - Just one bounce in the dock and that’s it. I do have an earlier version of Audacity on the system that works, and I’m using it. Sure would like to upgrade. Thanks!


2.3.2 run just fine on all the Mojave 10.14.x versions that I had.

I have now migrated to 10.15 Catalina and I can run 2.3.2 and the Release Candidate RC01 build that I have for the upcoming 2.3.3 - but I do need to launch from the Terminal app in order to be able to record. See this page on our Website:


Did you get Audacity via the Audacity website?
This version is “signed” and should run correctly (on first run, you may need to confirm that you want to run the application as it was downloaded from the Internet). Unofficial versions of Audacity may be blocked by the operating system.

Yes, I downloaded from audacityteam site. I had the same problem with 2.3.1. Could the earlier version (that does work) cause a conflict? I’m a natural sound recordist and have been using audacity for ten years. I’d love to get current.


If you have multiple versions installed at the same time, that could cause a problem. Do you have multiple versions installed?

Yes, so I’ll try that. Hope I get at least one version working! Thank you!