Audacity 2.3.2 No stereo Windows 10

I have a Pinnacle USB Preamp that was part of package called “Clean.” The only codec that I can find shows up as Microphone (2-USB Codec). Previously I’m sure the codec had the numeral 3 in the name. Anyway the recordings are in mono despite being set to “2Channel Stereo.” Any suggestions please?

Just to add: The Pinnacle preamp is USB

Check the settings in the Windows Sound control panel. Windows will usually set devices that it “thinks” are USB microphones to “1 channel (mono)”.
Once you’ve told Windows that it’s a stereo device, that setting should stick, so you should not need to set it every time.

Thanks for the reminder. I had set that previously but , like some other settings, Windows update must have reset it.
Thank you for quick reply.