Audacity 2.3.2 doesn't recognize equalization curves

I use Audacity 2.3.2 in Ubuntu Studio 18.04.2 (64 bit Linux) with the expanded support (extra PPA).

Since I upgraded the main Linux kernel to the last I have two problems:

  1. The app doesn’t run doing click on the desktop or menu icons, sometimes. I have to run it from Thunar File Manager, opening an audio file.

  2. Audacity doesn’t recognize my saved equalization curves. Anytime I called some specific saved curve, it just shows a flat response line.

What’s wrong here?

How could I fix it?


There is currently a bug that only allows equalization curves to be properly loaded in the “Draw” mode.
There’s another bug that causes points to be lost in an EQ curve if there are multiple points at the same frequency (where the curve becomes a vertical line).

These bugs are logged, and it is intended that the Equalization effect will receive a thorough redesign in the near future (but not until at least version 2.3.4).