audacity 2.3.1

Dear company, I updated app to version 2.3.1 and app is not fully translated to slovak and app has weird cut off text about speakers and microphine in dropdown menu for selecting audio device on top. Also about app window can not be minimized to taskbar and i can not switch to app from about version window. Please add option to close app with esc button on keyboard. Please translate website and forum to slovak.
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Welcome to the forum. We’re not a company - Audacity is created and supported by volunteer enthusiasts in our spare time.

Translations, as with everything else, is done (or not) by volunteers. If you would be interested in helping with translations, there is some initial information here:

The names of audio devices are retrieved from the audio device drivers. Audacity does not have direct control of what those names are. If you want to see the full list of audio devices as seen by Audacity, look in “Help menu > Diagnostics > Audio Device Info”

If I understand what you mean correctly, that is normal for Audacity. Not all applications behave the same way in this respect, and I’m partly guessing what you are seeing on Windows (I use Linux), but Audacity’s “About” window is not really a separate window, but rather just a dialog screen (a “pop up”) derived from the main Audacity window.

The Esc button is used within Audacity for escaping from an “in progress” user action. For example, if you start dragging a track, and then change your mind, you can press Esc to abandon the drag.

To close the current project window via the keyboard, press “Ctrl + W”.
To completely quit the application altogether, via the keyboard, press “Ctrl + Q”

The priority for translators is to translate the application (the Audacity software).

If there is sufficient demand from slovak users, including at least a few highly experienced users that are able and willing to spend time answering questions, then I’d be happy to set up an additional forum board for slovak speakers.