Audacity 2.2 Recording second track not working, Help Please

Hello, I need help asap please, i have had Audacity for 12 years and the product rocks, seriously, i just downloaded the new 2.2 and am trying to record with it and my personus audiobox usb unit, i can record the first track all good, but then when i try to record a second track it will not, in fact the screen freezes and then i get a message saying latencny was adjusted back to zero and it then stops working all together. I removed Audacity and the aodiobox and re installed then correctly and still does the dame thing, Is Audacity 2.2 compatible with my personus audiobox usb 2.2 … I have also tried every combination possable with the dub and play through buttons and everything else… can someone help please… thanks

There should be no difference between 2.2.0 and previous versions regarding supported devices - as far as I’m aware, there have been no changes to that part of the application.

One change that has occurred is that in previous versions, the default behaviour was that each time recording was started, it would create a new track, The default behaviour in 2.2.0 is that each time recording is started, it appends the new recording to the same track. There is a preference option if you wish to change the behaviour back to the old default: “Always record on a new track:”

Did Audacity work previously on the same computer with the same audio device?