Audacity 2.2.2

We’ve tried over and over and watched every tutorial available and can’t extract the vocals (or even just make them very quiet). None of the tutorials seemed to be for 2.2.2 as there is no mute button on the left and we also get a message when trying to invert that both files had to be done at the same time. We’re trying to convert Sondre Lerche Modern Nature to karaoke. Any help would be appreciated. Heck I’ll pay someone to do it for us! :joy:

Try these instructions:

I looked at that lAst night Nd honestly don’t even know which category to click. I’m NO good at this stuff if it’s not perfectly clear

You can’t “un-mix” audio so you can’t make a professional Karaoke version of the song. But, if the vocals are perfectly centered in a stereo recording, you can remove them completely, but other centered sounds will also be removed.

We’re trying to convert Sondre Lerche Modern Nature to karaoke.

Is that a stereo file with vocals in the center?

Try the “simple” Vocal Removal first. (Effect → Vocal Remover) and choose the Simple (entire spectrum) option.

It works by subtracting left from right which eliminates everything that’s identical and in-phase in both channels (everything that’s in the “phantom center”). It leaves you with a “mono” file (both channels identical). If you run it again on that “mono” file, everything will be subtracted and you’ll get silence.

If that works, try it again with some of the spectrum/frequency options so you can keep the bass (almost always centered) and some of the higher frequencies. But remember, if you run it twice on the same data you’ll get silence so start-over again with the original file.

The Vocal Reduction and Isolation effect is more advanced and it leaves you with a stereo file, but there are more settings to experiment with.