Audacity 2.2.2 records at half speed...

Hi - me again re the half-speed recording post I just posted. Downloaded and installed 2.2.2 - same result…


It’s better if you “reply” to your own thread rather than starting a new one…

Please tell us what you are recording… The mic built-into your laptop? A USB turntable? Streaming audio? Etc.?

Are you running any other applications while recording?

You might have a mismatch between the sample rate used in recording the track and the rate used in playback. When recording and playback sample rates differ:

Changing the “Project Rate” shown at the bottom left of the Audacity screen triggers resampling, yielding correct playback speed and pitch even if playback uses a different sample rate than the original recording

But changing the sample rate in the drop-down menu of the Track Control Panel at the left of the individual track doesn’t trigger resampling. So, if the playback sample rate as controlled there differs from the recording sample rate, playback speed/pitch will be faster/higher or slower/lower than recorded speed/pitch as follows:
– faster/higher if playback sample rate is greater than recording sample rate,
– slower/lower if playback sample rate is less than recording sample rate.

half-speed recording

Just “runs slow” or is “low pitch” isn’t as helpful as if you give concrete examples. Does the new show have half the duration? Use Effect > Change Speed to approximately correct the work and report the correction. That will go a long way to telling us where the problem is.

Half and Double speeds are not audible. That is, you can’t listen to voices in either of those. One sounds like a truck going by and the other like humming birds screaming at you.

Mistakenly shifting between sample rates isn’t that unusual and voice performance pitch just appears higher or lower than normal. You can still make out the words.