Audacity 2.2.2 crashing on mac

I just bought Dansrue cassette player to MP3 converter. I am using Audacity 2.2.2 with Macbook Pro Mid 2009 8gb memory, 886.77GB free storage space, OSX 10.11.6
I tried recording cassette tapes 44100Hz 32-bit float, 44100Hz Project Rate and it crashed.
Then I tried 44100Hz 16-bit PCM, 44100Hz Project Rate and it crashed.
I tried restarting my computer and not running any other programs and it still crashed.
Is this cassette player compatible with my mac?
Should I return it?
Do you know what else I should try?

Interestingly enough, I ALSO bought a Dansrue cassette converter a few days ago.
I just downloaded 2.2.2 on my 2010(?) MacBook Pro OS X 10.12.5.
My issue is that Audacity won’t even open 100% because it wants to send out a debug report and freezes at that point regardless of hitting either OK or Cancel.

I just bought the same Dansrue converter and am having the SAME issue. Audacity just immediately crashes. Is there a fix for this?