Audacity 2.2.1 does not load FLAC 24/48000 properly

New to Audacity forums. Using Audacity 2.2.1. I want to edit 24/48000 FLAC files. It does not open the files properly.
It does however open 24/44000 files fine.
In the Preferences/Quality, I changed the default sample rate to 48000.
I did not find an answers in the FAQ or Forum.
What do I need to change, Thank you.

I’d guess there’s something wrong (or something “different”) with your FLAC file.

What’s the problem? What kind of error are you getting?
Where did the file come from?

Try checking it with [u]MediaInfo[/u]. Make sure it says FLAC with the properties you expect.

I had no problem…
I opened an MP3 (44.1kHz), changed the project rate to 48,000 and exported as 24-bit FLAC. No problems re-opening in Audacity.
I converted the same MP3 to 48kHz/24 FLAC with another program. Again no problem opening in Audacity.

It appears to work fine for me.
What is the problem that you are seeing?